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Arun Valley Poultry Fanciers Society (AVPFS) – Show Rules

AVPFS Shows are held under PCGB Rules and exhibitors making entries agree to be bound by such rules. This applies to PCGB and non-PCGB members (copies available on their website here)
In addition to PCGB rules the following rules also apply;

  • Shows will be held under any DEFRA Regulations in place at the time of event.
  • All exhibits must be penned/displayed by the times stated in the schedule and no exhibitors removed prior to the stated time.
  • No Exhibitor may engage in conversation with the any Judges or Judges Stewards on the day of the show prior to the completion of all judging. Exhibitors caught ignoring this may be subject to disqualification.
  • Where there is a class for male and female of the same breed, we (AVPFS) reserve the rights to amalgamate if insufficient numbers.
  • Duplicated entries will not be accepted.
  • Rosettes will only be awarded if 3 or more exhibits are entered in a class.
  • All birds must have been bona fide property of the exhibitor for at least 28 days prior to the show.
  • All birds must comply with any DEFRA regulations in force at the time of the show and be transported in line with current welfare regulations. We reserve the right to remove or exclude any birds considered unhealthy.
  • Pen numbers will be given on day of show.
  • All persons making entries will be deemed to have read these rules and agreed to be bound by them.

AVPFS – Sale Rules

  • Sale will be held under and DEFRA Regulations in place at the time of event.
  • All birds must have been the bonafida property of the vendor for at least 28 days prior to the date of the sale. Please note we are an outlet for members of the fancy to sell their surplus stock that is unsuitable or not required for their breeding purposes. We actively discourage the sale of any birds bought at local auctions purely for the purpose of resale at our event. 
  • All stock must come with a clean un-used carrier to be sold in or it will not be accepted for sale and birds must be fit for sale to comply with poultry club welfare guidelines which include the following:
    1. All sale birds should be clean, and their legs and feet should be washed before coming to the sale. They should also be free from all external parasites, i.e. lice, mites and scaly leg mite.
    2. All birds sold should be provided with appropriate sized clean boxes for the number of birds and clearly marked with breed, number of birds and the name of the owner
    3. Clothes and vehicles to be disinfected before and after attending a sale
  • All sale birds must be penned by the time stated in the schedule, and earlier arrival would be appreciated. No vehicular access will be granted after if not prior this time as per Showgrounds vehicles rules. Any late stock will have to be carried on foot.
  • Please note it is the responsibility of the vendor/transporter to comply with any animal transport regulations and provide the necessary paperwork if required.
  • Once penned stock must only be handled and removed by the club stewards. No alterations to sales details unless via sales table.
  • No poultry aged below twelve weeks of age or appearing to be so will be accepted for sale. No waterfowl below 8 weeks of age or appearing to be so will be accepted for sale.
  • Any birds with diseases, parasites or appearing unwell will be removed from sale during inspection and the vendor asked to take them home. The steward’s decision is final on diseased and overcrowded birds.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to sell any bird. The committee’s decision is final.
  • Whilst all care will be taken of exhibits and equipment, all entries are made at vendor’s own risk and neither the sale organisers or any person employed or appointed by them shall be held liable for the loss of or for any damage sustained by any bird while they are in their possession whether or exhibition, inspection, during boxing or any other purpose whatsoever.
  • There will be a non-returnable penning fee which is per pen. This covers the cost of filling the pen ONCE ONLY.
  • Commission will be charged on birds sold at a rate of 15% for members of AVPFS who are fully paid up at the time of entry and 20% for non-members. Payment will be by cheque forwarded after the show.
  • All pens be sold as a whole lot. If they are to be sold separately they must be penned individually. Splitting lots will NOT be accepted in any instance.
  • All stock must be collected by 5.00 pm on the last day of the sale otherwise the AVPFS reserves the right to dispose of it as it sees fit and charge the vendor accordingly.
  • Where AVPFS feel a description given by the vendor is inaccurate, they reserve the right to amend accordingly so as not to mislead any potential purchaser.
  • Vendors wishing to remove their unsold birds before and at the end of the show must first withdraw them via the sales table. This is very important as some sold birds are taken home inadvertently or removed during inspection
  • If the available pens are filled prior to the closing date, AVPFS reserves the right to return entries with full repayment.
  • Only purebred stock will be accepted. Strictly no crossbreeds.
  • Wild game birds cannot be accepted for sale due to the level of stress experienced by them.
  • Ornamental waterfowl cannot be accepted. If you are in doubt, please contact us prior to entering birds for sale. Failure to do so will result in birds not being accepted.
  • A Maximum of 2 Larger breed birds per large pen, for larger breed trios please book 2 pens & bantam trios require a large pen.

These rules were last ammended on 22/03/2018

Poultry Club of Great Britian (PCGB) Affilliation

AVPFS affilate all our shows to the PCGB and are bound by their rules. Below are PCGB Show Rules, and Welfare Guidlines

PCGB Show Rules

PCGB Welfare Guidelines